Heavy-Duty Truck Towing in Norfolk, NE

When your Heavy Duty or Class A vehicle encounters trouble on the road, there’s not much that can be done by a conventional company. But, at D & L Towing and Recovery, LLC, we’re not just any company: we’re equipped with all of the resources and expertise needed to serve our customers with a full range of heavy-duty truck towing and heavy wrecker recoveries.

Tractor and Trailer Heavy Towing

Our fleet consists of Heavy, Medium, and Light Duty Wreckers, meaning we’re equipped to handle any and all of your tractor or trailer towing needs! Our seasoned industry veterans will make sure your tractor/trailer is secured and properly towed wherever you might require.


Looking for a knowledgeable expert that has the equipment needed to undeck your trucks? D & L Towing and Recovery, LLC is the provider to call. We have extensive experience in regards to undecking and will ensure the integrity of every truck being handled.

Pull/Recoil Starts

If you’re sidelined with engine troubles, you might not need heavy-duty truck towing in Norfolk, NE, provided a pull start can be achieved! Our professionals are familiar with the pull start procedure and can get you back on the road quickly, avoiding the debacle that a tow can pose.

Heavy-Duty Truck Towing in Norfolk, NE

Agricultural Recovery

Tractors and other agricultural vehicles are complex and require a keen understanding of their uniqueness when heavy towing is involved. We have a depth of experience regarding agricultural heavy wrecker recoveries and will safely transport your vehicle to the destination of your choosing.

At D & L Towing and Recovery, LLC, we’re pleased to offer both local and long distance towing for heavy duty vehicles at all types—we’re committed to getting your sidelined vehicle wherever it needs to go!

If you’re in need of a heavy-duty tow truck in Norfolk, Warnerville, Hoskins, Hadar, or Battle Creek, NE and require only the most experienced professionals when it comes to handling your vehicle, know that we’re here to help. From general tractor and trailer towing to specialty services like undecking or agricultural recovery, our experts will get you back on your feet quickly. Contact us today at 402-371-7995 for more information on our heavy wrecker services.