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Susan Baylor October 4, 2017
"Late last night , on his way to South Dakota, my husband found himself stranded in Wisner, NE with a damaged front suspension. After being told there were no towing companies available until 6 am, I found the number for D & L in Norfolk. Troy answered the phone at midnight, and soon my husband was being towed back to Lincoln. Were it not for D & L, and Troy driving the six-hour round trip through the night, my husband would have been stranded, sleeping in his car on the side of the road. I highly recommend this company."
Robert Ramos October 4, 2017
"The guys really took care of us when we were stranded 2 hours from home. Gave us a tow back to Omaha and a ride as well. Not sure what we would have done without their service."
Darek Ness October 4, 2017
"I would like to say that I appreciated the great professionalism that the guys from D&L showed me. They went above the call of duty to make sure my semi was safe from sliding on the icy hill I was on. With all my brakes set, it still wanted to slide backwards down the hill, if I wasn't holding the brakes. They chipped ice away to get to pavement, and tried everything the could until the bigger wrecker showed up. The service was excellent, and the bill was very reasonable. I hope to never have to use them again, but I would in a heartbeat. Thanks again, Derek with PTI Dedicated Ravenna, MI"
Brett Schwarz - Norfolk, Nebraska November 14, 2014
"Phenomenal service with D & L Towing. They were extremely helpful and friendly."
Deborah Bullins - Norfolk, NE September 8, 2014
"5 Stars automatically! They offer amazing service and are very quick. They do everything with a smile."